In the latest episode of Nuance, StayUp.News editor-in-chief Roberto E. Alejandro and police management scholar, veteran, and retired Baltimore Police sergeant Michael Wood Jr. discuss a recent article written by Mike and Anthony Diggs, and featuring contributions from NY Daily News columnist Chuck Modiano, Malcolm Fleschner, and former NFL player Aaron Maybin, about the NFL’s faux patriotism and its history of denying the game’s adverse health consequences for its players.

In light of the NFL’s blackballing of Colin Kaepernick for asserting the value of Black lives prior to games; the NFL’s denial of health benefits to former players and denial of the impact repeated concussions was having on those players; its reaction to behavioral scandals ranging from murder charges to domestic abuse; the patriotism it displays in exchange for U.S. tax player dollars (while not paying a single dollar in taxes due to its non-profit status); it is high time people of good conscience boycott this league and its history of putting dollars over human lives.

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