Aminé Sells Out the Fillmore in Early Sign Live Shows Are Back

            There’s nothing quite like the roar of the crowd at a sold-out show. This is something that has been missing from the lives of many artists and audience members since the pandemic began gripping the world in 2020. However, with vaccination booster rates going up and case numbers falling with the spring, it looks like the US is back to an odd version of normal again, at least when it comes to live shows. Aminé’s fully-booked performance at the Fillmore Silver Spring on March 2, 2022, showed that there are many willing to brave the risks at this point to have some fun.

            According to Aminé, the DC-area show sold out in about a day after tickets went on sale, a contrast, he said, from the last time he played the venue about 3 years ago, when it did not sell out. Before getting to see the headliner for the evening, two opening acts set the stage. First up was 454, a Florida rapper, whose high-pitched vocal inflections and infectious energy hyped the crowd up for a little while.

            Next up was Cochise, another Florida rapper whose stock has been steadily on the rise over the last year or so. Cochise’s energy was unparalleled by audience or performer that evening, as he sprinted and skipped across the stage from left to right and back again through most of his set. The rapper played some new music, as well as relatively older tracks that the audience knew by heart and rapped along with. The audience was now hyped as ever and ready for their headliner to come entertain them even further.

            In between the sets, the full stage set was revealed. A condensed version of Portland, Oregon, complete with corner store, Broadway Bridge replica and an enormous representation of Aminé’s dog, Oliver. Eventually, after some songs from his DJ, Aminé burst from the doors of the corner store and began to perform “Mad Funny Freestyle” at maximum energy levels to a roaring crowd. Aminé explained that the DMV was one of his favorite places to perform. “I think you know why,” he said, pointing to his hand and arm, alluding to his skin color, and the demographics of the DC area. Aminé’s common mantra, “If you ain’t black don’t say it,” will often apply to much of his audience, but not at the Fillmore.

            Every single song Aminé played was met with thunderous screams from the audience. From the oldest hits like “Caroline” to newer bops like “Charmander,” no song waned the crowd’s enthusiasm. Either jumping or heavily vibing with Aminé, it seemed the entire sold-out crowd was having the time of their lives throughout the fairly lengthy set. Aminé has amassed an incredible fan base, and clearly loves performing for them, almost as much as they love his performance.