Tinashe Proves Her Polish across Two Performances at DC’s 930 Club

By Jack M. Angelo

The Venn diagram of R&B and hip-hop has been slowly becoming a circle for the past couple decades. At the forefront of this movement are a number of artists, but Kentucky native Tinashe has been working at it for years and finding plenty of success along the way. In the spotlight since she was a young child, Tinashe has made a name off of her music over the past decade or so.

(Photograph by Jack M. Angelo Photography)

            On the seventh anniversary of her first album, Aquarius, October 3rd, 2021, her 333 Tour stopped at the 930 Club in Washington D.C. twice in one night, to packed houses. She took the stage first, with no openers, and performed a smattering of new and old hits, all while hitting energetic and intricate choreography, along with backup dancers, a guitarist, drummer and keyboardist. All mobile members of the ensemble moved around a structure of platforms and ladders wrapped in plant life.

(Photograph by Jack M. Angelo Photography)

            The fully masked crowd was ecstatic to see Tinashe perform pretty much any song she had to offer. Tinashe has spent the better part of a decade cultivating her sound, and the performance in D.C. on that night proved that experience pays off.