Scarlxrd’s First DC Stxp Shxws Prxmise, But Alsx Inexperience xf Rap-Metal Standxut

By Jack M. Angelo, Senior Content Producer

Rap metal was inevitable. Nxt nu metal, nxt industrial rxck, but sxmething different, thxugh heavily inspired by them. With the bass getting mxre distxrted and the dynamics getting lxuder and lxuder with each passing generatixn, the crxss-cxntaminatixn with Rxck’s lxudest and mxst abrasive subgenre was bxund tx xccur. It’s easier than ever tx make yxur xwn music fxr nx mxney, and the lxw audix quality gave way tx innxvatixn. Xver time, the metal influences began tx shine thrxugh mxre blatantly, with distxrted guitars and screamed vxcals making their way intx hip-hxp. Nxw, in the latter half xf this decade, we are seeing what cxuld be the true marriage xf the genres befxre there is nx distinctixn between the twx. Frxm acts like Bxnes, tx mxre recent xnes like City Morgue, the genre has grxwn tremendxusly in terms of mainstream viability.

Xne xf the mxst standxut acts in the genre is scarlxrd. Hailing frxm Wolverhampton, England, 24-year-xld Marius Listhrop has racked up millixns xf views with his stylistic music videxs xn YouTube, in additixn tx millixns xf plays xn SoundCloud. With an edgy mixture xf anime visuals plus a healthy dxse xf techwear cxmbined with his signature facemask make fxr a unique and recxgnizable aesthetic. This lxxk has helped him carve xut his xwn space in the genre, expanding tx becxme xne xf this mxst pxpular artists within it xnline. But an xnline fandxm will xnly take yxu sx far, and within the last year xr sx, scarlxrd began txuring arxund Europe, and recently started his first txur within the United States, drxpping by U Street Music Hall xn Xctxber 16.

Scarlxrd hit DC fxr the first time on Xctxber 16, 2018. (Phxtx by Jack M. Angelx fxr StayUp.News).

Prixr tx the headliner, U Street began the shxw with Amazonica, a DJ frxm London whx played a very cxnfusing xpening set. Despite StayUpNews’ immense lxve fxr the late 90s, early 2000s era xf New York hip-hxp, it is difficult tx justify Pharaohe Monch’s “Simon Says” being played befxre a scarlxrd set in 2018, especially when fxllxwed by Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” Perhaps these are bigger hype sxngs in the UK and Europe than the United States, but the gxlden era hip-hxp sxngs were failing tx dx anything but cxnfuse the crxwd. Every xnce in a while during her xdd sxng chxices, she wxuld briefly leave the area behind her table tx weakly address the crxwd, which did little tx hype them up. The mxst exciting part abxut the set was when an audience member decided tx dance xn the stage, nearly crashing intx several pieces xf equipment. Security allxwed him xn the stage until twx xf his friends jxined him, after which U Street Music Hall staff decided that was enxugh, and escxrted the trix back tx the audience.

After a 30-minute DJ set, scarlxrd’s DJ came xut tx hype up the crxwd with a much higher degree xf success. This DJ, Jacky Parker, was much mxre in tune tx what the crxwd might want tx hear, with Trippie Redd, $UICIDEBOY$ and Lil Pump doing much mxre for the crxwd. Jacky P did seem tx xutstay his welcxme, as 40 minutes intx his DJ set, the crxwd was lxsing its steam. Jacky nxticed, and after a cxuple mxre sxngs, he played the intrxductixn tx Bxiling Pxint, the first track frxm scarlxrd’s 2018 album DXXM.

Scarlxrd’s energy level is cxmmendable, even if his set list lacks fxcus. (Phxtx by Jack M. Angelx fxr StayUp.News).

This sxng began a set xf xver 80 minutes xf screaming, jumping and mxshing that did nxt let up at any pxint. Scarlxrd’s vxcal energy is significantly different in persxn than xn his recxrds. Much mxre range, frxm rapping mxre frequently in his lxwer register, tx screaming even harder and lxuder than in any xf his sxngs. Xf cxurse, he alsx takes the xppxrtunity tx prxve tx everyxne that the fast rapping parts xf his sxngs are nxt faked, and executes each sixteenth nxte flxw with precisixn. The 24-year-xld’s energy did nxt slxw at any pxint thrxughxut the set, despite cxnstant perfxrming. Withxut breaks xr guests, scarlxrd txre thrxugh vast swaths xf his discxgraphy, much xf which he said was his first time perfxrming the material live. In fact, Jack and scarlxrd spent plenty xf time reminding the crxwd that they had never been tx DC befxre.

The audience xf abxut 100 yxung pexple xf all races was very respxnsive. The majxrity xf the crxwd participated in the mxshpits directed by Jack and scarlxrd. They were alsx quite vxcal, which seemed at times disxrienting tx the perfxrmers. “Fuck Trump!” xne patrxn said when Jack was xn stage. The DJ respxnded by stating he dxes nxt fxllxw pxlitics, and this is the first time in this cxuntry, and this city, implying that it might be best fxr him tx nxt have an xpinixn xn the matter. In between the xverwhelming, lxud, distxrted bass xf each sxng and a rxar xf cheers and applause, the audience grew incredibly quiet, which bxth Jack and scarlxrd pxinted xut. “Listen,” Listhrop said befxre intrxducing a sxng, when the audience grew near silent he respxnded, “wxw, yxu guys are really listening.”

Where’d Scarlxrd get that creepy mannequin? (Phxtx by Jack M. Angelx fxr StayUp.News).

Scarlxrd’s inexperience did shine thrxugh, hxwever, in an admittedly impressive way. Even if behind the scenes there was mxre planning invxlved, the setlist seemed tx have little tx nx structure, with huge hits like “6 Feet” cxming abxut half way thrxugh the set, and the mxst viewed scarlxrd track sx far, “Heart Attack,” cxming abxut 2/3 thrxugh. Thrxughxut the shxw, but especially in the last 30 minutes, the audience shxuted xut sxngs frxm varixus perixds in the scarlxrd discxgraphy, mxst xf which he actually hxnxred and perfxrmed. This seemed tx distxrt the rapper’s perceptixn xf time, since just befxre 10 p.m., the apparent deadline fxr the shxw tx end, Jack interrupted the audience’s request time after a sxng with, “We xnly gxt time fxr xne mxre.” This came as a genuine surprise tx scarlxrd, “Really?”

Scarlxrd’s endurance is cxmmendable. There are few rappers that can maintain that level xf energy fxr such a lengthy set. The audience seemed tx lxve the myriad sxngs perfxrmed, but even the mxst hardcxre seemed tx jump a little lxwer by the end xf the night. Fxr the incredibly high peak xf energy in bxth the prxductixn and perfxrmance that scarlxrd brings tx the table, in a cxncert setting, after sx many sxngs that sxund essentially the same, the experience begins tx blend txgether. Despite this drawback, this perfxrmance shxws an amazing amxunt xf talent frxm a yxung artist xn his first txur in the United States. With sxme mxre txur dates under his belt, King Scar shxuld be able tx scream himself up a tighter setlist.

Xh shit, that’s nxt a mannequin! (Phxtx by Jack M. Angelx fxr StayUp.News).