Aries Brings His YouTube Stylings Live in DC

            You can find almost anything on YouTube. From music videos, tutorials, vlogs, and even the beginnings of careers. If you ever wanted to learn how to make the beat from “Magnolia,” or “XO TOUR Llif3” but you only had 2 minutes, you might come across a channel on YouTube simply named “Aries.” Upon further exploration of the channel, there are videos about remixing popular songs to have a different mood, as well as some creative original beat work throughout. However, possibly the most interesting parts of the channel are its original music videos and songs, produced and performed by the eponymous Aries. The emo-trap-ish like style of instrumentation with the relatable lyrics and catchy melodies to back them up create an atmosphere perfect for today’s musical landscape.

With just under 500 thousand subscribers and three music videos with over 1 million views, Aries has amassed himself a decent following online. However, these numbers do not capture the fervor of those who follow Aries. Selling out a 450-person venue well before the day of the show, fans had been ready to see Aries tour for a while. Packed well before the show started, Union Stage in Washington D.C. was hyped.

First on was Aries DJ Biskwiq who energized the crowd with his mix of modern trap hits with extra EDM instrumentation over it. He danced and jumped around even more than the crowd did, bringing the excitement high before the headliner even came out. Of course, those familiar with Aries will recognize Biskwiq as a frequent collaborator and musical partner of Aries. The set was over quickly, but did its job in occupying and readying the crowd for the main event.

For the twenty minutes between sets, the crowd buzzed with anticipation. Individuals could be heard predicting what songs will be played and anticipating big moments in the show. Aries started the show with a crowd favorite “RACECAR,” from his recent Welcome Home project. At first, Aries’ microphone was not functioning, and the song was stopped partway through the first hook. However, the crowd continued the hook for Aries a capella before even realizing the hiccup. With the mistake quickly remedied, Aries restarted “RACECAR” and continued the show.

Aries informed the audience early in the show that he was sick. His stage presence seemed mostly unaffected. Aries jumped and ran around the stage, even going into the crowd at one point. However, his voice seemed weaker than usual, and he often chose to sing a lower melody than the ones found on the studio versions of his tracks. When Aries did attempt to reach into his upper register, the results were mixed, but genuine. The crowd seemed to appreciate the solid performance and cheered him on each step of the way.

The remainder of the set consisted of more songs from Welcome Home as well as a few more obscure songs from Aries’ back catalogue. The audience seemed to know almost every word to each one, especially to the catchy choruses that litter all of Aries’ best songs. The incredible passion on display for Aries at Union stage certainly did not go unnoticed by the artist, who seemed to soak up each ovation.

Aries is an artist that has built a ravenous fan base over a short amount of time, and despite being a virtual unknown in the mainstream, has a sold out tour under his belt. Aries is an up and comer to watch with some solid tunes to back him up.