Morgan State’s Institute for Urban Research and StayUp Polling to Begin Conducting Consent Decree Survey in Baltimore

After our pilot police-community relations survey, conducted last April, StayUp Polling was invited by Morgan State University’s Institute for Urban research, under the leadership of Dr. Raymond Winbush, to collaborate on a grant proposal to conduct the police-community relations survey required under the Consent Decree between the U.S. Department of Justice and the Baltimore City Police Department. The Institute’s proposal was accepted this past summer, and a survey instrument has been developed under the guidance of the survey’s principal investigator, Dr. Natasha C. Pratt-Harris.

Under her supervision, a team of trained volunteers and Morgan State University graduate students will begin collecting surveys throughout Baltimore City, beginning as early as September 25, 2018. If someone knocks on your door, stops you on the street, or attends a community event to ask if you’d like to participate in a survey on police-community relations in Baltimore, please consider taking the time out to participate. We realize it’s a sacrifice, but you’ll be helping us gather information about your relationship with the Baltimore City Police Department.

This is an opportunity for Baltimore to be heard. Do not let your voice be left out!