Rock Steady for Life’s Jansy Gonzalez on his Efforts to Aid Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

StayUp.News editor-in-chief Roberto E. Alejandro recently sat down for a phone conversation with Rock Steady for Life’s Jansy Gonzalez (above in a courtesy photo), the b-boy, percussionist, and DJ (to name a few things on his resume) who has been working to aid victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico since the storm ravaged the island on Sept. 20, 2017. Jansy describes what it was like to experience Maria and the resulting devastation, how he began organizing and delivering supplies to affected areas of the island, and how organizations like Crazy Legs’s Rock Steady for Life and Heart 9/11 are bringing additional aid to Puerto Rico.

Press play above to hear the full conversation, and don’t forget to share and comment below.

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