StayUp.News editor-in-chief Roberto E. Alejandro recently sat down with Shirley Foulks (center, in the photo above), a community activist and organizer in Baltimore’s Cherry Hill neighborhood, as well as with Navasha Daya (right) and Fanon Hill, the husband and wife team behind the Youth Resiliency Institute, which has been supporting Foulks’s work. Hill has directed a soon to be released documentary about Foulks titled “Lom Nava Love,” as well as produced an original soundtrack to the film, with Daya as the featured vocalist. In the interview, the three of us discuss what it takes do effective work in poor communities of color, the central but often invisiblized role women have played in Black liberation efforts, and the way public housing in America has served as a site of resistance against oppression.

Press play above to hear our full conversation.

This interview was originally published by, on Aug. 31, 2016.