Special Report: Chef Erica Carries Shares Her Story of Surviving Domestic Violence

StayUp.News recently sat down for an interview with Chef Erica Carries, owner and operator of Je T’Aime Catering, for a conversation about how Hip-Hop has shaped her life, career, and approach to food. Of course, always looking to Hip-Hop for its guiding principles, StayUp.News interviews tend to be freestyle affairs, where we allow the conversation with our subjects to go where they please, rather than be confined to pre-written questions.

Employing that freestyle approach to our conversation with Chef Erica yielded one of the most powerful and important stories we have documented to date: Chef Erica’s experience of surviving intimate partner violence.

In our interview, Chef Erica details the ways you lose yourself in an abusive relationship, the tension of loving your abuser and convincing yourself he will change, and learning to love yourself as an initial step towards escaping the abuse and healing.

Press play above to view Chef Erica’s powerful story, and don’t forget to share and hit the comments below.

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